A Tribute of Sorts


Stephen Covey died as a result from a biking injury earlier this week.  In his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Covey presented a framework for personal effectiveness that provided a roadmap to success for millions.  As a tribute of sorts to Covey, I created my list of “7 Keys for Happiness and Personal Success”.

1.  Passion~You can’t fake passion.  You either are passionate, or you aren’t.  Find your passion in life, and pursue it!  I have many passions (cycling, walking, my work, my friends and family, cooking, following NE Sports, etc.) and love being involved with every single one of them.  Wendy shares many of the same I do, except subtract “NE Sports” and add in the Green Bay Packers, Euro Soccer, and kayaking!

2.  Collaborate~The “it takes a village” theory.  Try working with others.  Truly listening, sharing and creating a plan that takes shape and evolves.  It’s more fun to work with others, and more rewarding, too. “Two heads are better than one”.

3.  Create~See situations in a new light.  See past the “what it is” and seek a better solution.  Don’t settle for the conventional answer.  Challenge the obvious and pursue “thinking outside the box”.

4.  Engage~Listen.  Share.  You’ll be better in touch, and this will allow you to be more responsive.  With everyone.  Set aside quality time with those that are important to you, whether it is a friend, a family member or business colleague.  Take time to engage.

5.  Flexible~I have a lot to work on with this step,however, I think it is truly important.   Being “open minded” helps with the creative and collaborative steps, too.  And sometimes, flexibility saves you from making one giant, dumb mistake.

6.  Analyze~”Devil’s in the details”, right?  Better know and understand the details, then.  If it’s not working, formulate a plan of action to correct.

7.  Personality~Everyone’s unique…and everyone has a personality.  To improve a personality read more, engage more, be open to critique, listen, share, and be willing to bend to grow. Big personalities balance equal parts of knowledge, compassion, humor and confidence.  Find and own your uniqueness!

I’m willing to bet that everyone has a personal list of “7 Key Elements” that help them define what is important to them, what makes them happy and what makes them unique.  Share yours with us!

If you haven’t read Covey’s book, you can order it online from Barnes & Noble here:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/7-habits-of-highly-effective-people-stephen-r-covey/1100334425?ean=9780743269513.


Stephen Covey's Highly Acclaimed Book

Stephen Covey’s highly acclaimed book provided a framework for personal effectiveness.

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