Marketing and Strategic Planning

Greenville Marketing Lab is passionate about small business Internet marketing, though there may be occasions that small businesses will need to integrate “traditional” forms of marketing to their mix to meet their objectives.

Greenville Marketing Lab initiates a thorough review of our clients’ business, including share of market, demographics, trends within the industry, competitors, and goals. Our assessment of the market place and knowing our clients’ objectives will help GML formulate our strategic plans, including, but not limited to, organic search, local Search Engine Optimization, press releases, blogging and other online social initiatives (Facebook ® ,Twitter ®,  LinkedIn ®, etc.), Web site design, mobile marketing, media purchases, special events, sponsorship opportunities, etc.

Greenville Marketing Lab will then generate a detailed Mindmap with each action step timed and assigned to our staff. Analytics will be generated from as many sources as possible, and shared with clients during our collaborative reviews.

Don’t wait another minute…give Greenville Marketing Lab a phone call to start moving your business forward today.

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