Mobile Web sites and QR Codes

Mobile Web sites and QR Code Integration

What Can Mobile Do?

Greenville Marketing Lab mobile site screenshotCapture Leads, Showcase Products & services, Drive Social Media, Engage with your Visitors/Customers, Take Orders, Connect with your Community, Link to Promotional Videos, Provide User Instructions, Distribute Movile Coupons, Register Events, just to name a few things.

What Can QR Codes Do?Greenville Marketing Lab Mobile Site QR code

Apart from the benefits of just redirecting Smartphone users to a mobile version so your company gets the most from every visitor, you can utilize QR codes to drive additional traffic to your website.

Place QR codes on business cards, print collateral, marketing initiatives, ads, product labels, signs, menus, hotel key jackets, programs, seats in stadiums, restroom stalls, vehicle tags to link back to your online information.

Click here for a list of real world examples of QR code integration.

Connect your business and print to the mobile world by creating engaging, interactive smart phone specific content and seamlessly generating, tracking and utilizing QR codes in your print material (business cards, direct mail, property signs, product packaging, etc. Greenville Marketing Lab creates mobile friendly website that have one touch buttons to call, social media, email, forms, SMS buttons and many more cool features.

Our simple to use system ensures mobile Web sites look their best on over 5,000 mobile devices. We install and auto-detect code for your desktop site which refers Smartphone users to the mobile-friendly site.

Current Available Features

  • Email / Call / SMS / Social Media Buttons
  • Google Mapping
  • Custom Form Templates to Capture Email Addresses and Cell Numbers
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Custom Form Templates
  • Embed Media ex. (YouTube Videos)