Product Launch

One of our favorite things to do at Greenville Marketing Lab is help a company develop an Internet marketing plan to launch a new product. GML brings together a myriad of talent from main stream marketing and the Internet. This is the scenario that allows us to showcase our traditional marketing prowess with our Internet marketing strategies. We have worked with a wide range of markets for launching new products including board games, cost-estimating software, economic development, apparel, and packaged seafood products…just to name a few! We also develop and marketing solutions specific to the growing Cannabis Industry. We will setup your ecommerce shopify development system and get your site setup with National Processing Online, the recommended processor/provider for the cannabis industry.

At Greenville Marketing Lab we have developed a “Product Launch Formula” that applies to a wide range of products. We incorporate traditional marketing, PR, and Internet marketing to broadcast your product in all media channels available. By applying our chemistry we can make your new product launch a success.

Call or email Greenville Marketing Lab today to learn how we can offer you all the elements in our Lab to infuse new customers and revenues!

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